« As an experienced preclinical development manager, I can help you design your preclinical development strategy according to your goals: from IND/IMPD to NDA/MAA submissions; and be at your side for the preparation of high quality regulatory documents and during the interactions with the Health Authorities »

Philippe Daull, PhD

Medicinal products

Experimental strategy, sudy design & project management

Extensive experience of medicinal product development; especially in ophthalmology, & for all the segments of the eye. My services include:

  • Design of the experimental strategy according to your goals (IND/IMPD submission, or MAA/NDA submission)
  • Selection of the appropriate CROs & set up of the experimental protocols (efficacy studies (in vitro, ex vivo & in vivo), Pharmacokinetics & bioanalytical methods, regulatory toxicology studies according to the Good Laboratory Practices (GPL)
  • Oversee & manage of the tests with respect of the deadlines
  • Data analysis and report writing
  • Troubleshooting
  • & more according to your needs

Medical devices

Experimental strategy, study design & project management

Extensive experience of medical device development; especially in ophthalmology & within the field of artificial tears. My services include:

  • Definition of the experimental strategy & preclinical biocompatibility study package based on a thorough risk analysis & in compliance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
  • Set up experimental protocols (in vitro, ex vivo & in vivo testing) according to the Norms &/or the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  • Oversee & manage of the tests with respect of the deadlines
  • Data analysis and report writing
  • Troubleshooting
  • & more according to your needs

Regulatory documents preparation

My scientific expertise & my knowledge of the regulatory pathways for medicinal products & medical devices allow me to bring you the know-how useful for the preparation and writing of your scientific rationales and regulatory documents.

Medicinal products

  • Preparation of the nonclincal modules of the CTD (2.4, 2.6 & module 4)
  • Preparation of IND/IMPD & Investigator Brochures for clinical trials
  • Interaction with Regulatory Agencies, (FDA, EMA, ANSM, …) within the frame of pre-IND, Scientific Advice & MAA/NDA procedures

Medical devices

  • Preparation of the Biological Evaluation Report (for the technical dossier) according to MDR
  • Risk analysis & management
  • Regulatory reponses to Notified Bodies & Health Authorities
  • On site audits

& more according to your needs

Scientific writing

Research articles & synthetic reviews

Author of several reviews & research articles, I can help you create high quality scientific and technical content to increase your visibility within the scientific community:

  • Original research articles & reviews (peer-reviewed journals)
  • Literature reviews (bibliographic reports)
  • Critical analysis of articles
  • Data analysis
  • & more according to your needs

Experience & expertise

  • Expert scientist in cell biology (PhD Sherbrooke Univeristy, Qc, Canada) & biochemistry/biophysics (MSc Biochemistry/Biophysics (Magistère of Chemistry/ Biology, University of Strasbourg, France)
  • Extensive experience as a preclinical development Manager and Expert for medicinal products (peptide, new chemical entities) & medical devices (eye drop, cream)
  • Researcher and Lead Scientist within North-American and French startup & biotech
  • Project management & Translational research within an international pharmaceutical group

Scientific contributions

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Eftimov P, Olżyńska A, Melcrová A, Georgiev GA, Daull P, Garrigue JS, Cwiklik L.

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